Welcome Back!

3th September 2018

Dear Parents

We look forward to welcoming you all back to HEET with a very full year ahead of us.

We want to welcome Leona Stark (former Home ed parent) who is helping us with various administrative roles and general organisation at HEET on Tuesdays. If you have questions, any issues or ideas – do approach her.

Staying onsite

Can we please remind parents that we are not a drop-off which means parents are expected to stay on-site (either at the Youth centre or Scout Hut) for the duration their child is attending classes at HEET. If you have to leave even for a short time – please ensure that you have filled in a delegation of responsibility form and appointed another adult who is able to contact you to be responsible for your child.

Sign in sheets

Please ensure all children and parents sign in and out of the youth centre and scout hut and that you leave your location/contact number if you are at a different site to your child.

Waivers and Delegation forms

If you are new to HEET and have not signed a Waiver of liability (sent with your welcome email and downloadable from our website) – please bring in a signed copy on your first day.

If you intend for your child to be in the care of someone other than a parent during their time at HEET – please inform Leona and also ensure you have filled in a delegation of parental responsibility form with your contact details as well as that of the responsible adult.

Please subscribe to your children’s class forums which will hopefully be ready for you on Sunday.

This will be the primary way for you to keep in touch with the tutors – we strongly suggest that you should subscribe to each forum so that any new posts will be emailed directly to you.

To subscribe click on discussions (under communication) the classes your children are booked on will appear. Select a class, this should lead you to the forum for that class; under the class title the word ‘subscribe’ (in blue)¬†should appear – simply click this to subscribe.

If you experience any difficulties or can’t see the forums for your child, please drop us an email on the contact us tab above.

Setting up and clearing up

Housekeeping: As always we as a community are so grateful for the help all the families give to make this group work and can we all be mindful of lending a hand to help set up the tables and chairs and to put them away at the end of the day as well as keeping the place tidy and swept. They do not provide bins at the Youth Centre so please come prepared to take your own trash home.

Teas, coffees and juices are provided for free and any donations of biscuits and cakes for the kids to snack on is always welcome…please do remember to wash up after yourselves.


Finally, out of consideration please try to keep this a NUT FREE environment as we have children with serious allergies on the premises.


The Team at HEET