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August 2021

Home Educators Educating Together (HEET) CIC TERMS AND CONDITIONS

HEET CIC Terms and Conditions Written: August 2016 Last Review: Mar 2022 Next Review: Aug 2022

1.1  Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before registering on www.heet.org.uk and attending the classes and events arranged by Home Educators Educating Together CIC. (HEET)

1.2  Your access to and use of the above is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions apply to all visitors, users and others who access or use HEET CIC.

1.3  Before attending HEET Face-to-Face classes please refer to the latest government guidance current government COVID 19 guidance. Specifically any person attending the venue must take their temperature upon arrival and be prepared to have their temperature taken upon request. HEET CIC Directors reserve the right to send anyone home who appears to be unwell, in order to safeguard everyone else. If any person refuses to comply with this and basic hygiene requirements, we reserve the right to remove them from classes/venue to protect the health of others. Please do not attend if you or your child is feeling unwell or displaying any Covid 19 symptoms. Get NHS advice about COVID-19, including symptoms, testing, vaccination and self-isolation: NHS guidance.


2.1  HEET

2.1.1  individual children on an ‘in loco parentis’ basis.

2.1.2  accidents or injuries which may occur while on site

2.1.3  accidents or injuries which may occur in the field and playground adjacent to the SC

2.1.4  accidents or injuries which may occur when walking between venues

2.1.5  any other occurrence where parents or guardians allow their charges to leave the premises

2.1.6  any property or possessions that are lost, damaged or stolen while attending activities. All property and possessions are left at the risk of the owner.

2.2  Limits of Liabilities

2.2.1  The terms and conditions places a limited liability on the ‘group’ relating to injuries and accidents that may occur at the facilities being hired.

2.2.2  At no point does responsibility for a child pass to the group and the group shall not be deemed to be ‘in loco parentis’ at any time. Parents remain responsible for their children; before, during and after any activities. Parents who allow their children to leave any of the hired premises do so at their own risk. They shall not hold the directors or any persons connected with HEET CIC liable.

2.2.3  At no point does HEET take responsibility for any property or possessions that are lost or damaged. All personal property is left and used at the owners’ risk.  By accessing or using HEET you agree to be bound by these terms and if you disagree with any parts of the terms you may not access the service.  It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that they are aware of the Terms and Conditions and HEET does not take responsibility should there be a claim that a parent is not aware of such policies.



3.1 HEET CIC requires that parents stay on-site with their children for the duration of their time (on-site refers to being present at either the Scout Centre or Youth Centre). Where parents cannot be present – they must sign a Delegation of Parental Responsibility form delegating responsibility for their child to a responsible adult who is present on site.

3.1.1  Parents of children aged 10 and under are expected to fully supervise their children at all times, during activities and free time. Children must not play outside without an adult present. If you are unable to watch your child directly you must designate another adult to take on parental responsibility in your absence, and you need to let the Welfare Officer in your building know. Your child should be made aware of who this person is.

3.1.2  If you cannot be onsite for reasons of emergency you must fill in and hand in the Delegation of Parental Responsibility form to the designated Welfare Officer and appoint a responsible adult to supervise your child. The responsibility remains with the parent and not with HEET CIC.

3.1.3  Children over the age of 11 years of age may move independently from one site to another only if parents have signed the release from liability form and filled in a Delegation of Parental Responsibility form delegating a responsible adult to look after your child if you are not personally onsite.

3.1.4  Your child will not be allowed to attend the classes if you do not stay or fill in a Delegation of Parental Responsibility form. This is a required agreement upon registering and signing up for classes. This form can be obtained from the Welfare officers on site or downloaded from the policies and forms page on our website https://www.heet.org.uk/policies-and-forms. The Welfare officer is Jodie Tomkins. Their email is: welfareofficers@heet.org.uk

3.1.5  If parents are found to be in breach of their agreement to remain on site or having failed to sign a Delegation of Parental Responsibility form and delegating a responsible adult, Welfare Officer Jodie Tomkins will advise parents verbally that they are in breach of their agreement. In the event of a second breach, the Welfare Officer will issue a written warning to parents. In the event of a third breach, the Directors will advise you in writing that your child or children will no longer be able to attend the group, unless and until arrangements are made for supervising them in strict accordance with the policy of the group. If your child is unable to attend the group due to your non-compliance with the group policy, there will be no refunds of fees already paid.

3.1.6  Whilst we allow parents to accompany their child during classes, please be respectful of the learning environment. This privilege is allowed at the discretion of the tutor at all times and can be revoked by the tutor (or by any of the Directors) either verbally or written at any time. We cannot offer refunds for classes not attended as a result of this action.

3.1.7  Please be advised that the Welfare Officer is not obliged to accept responsibility for your children, should they agree to do so they are only allowed to care for an additional three children.


3.1.8 Should for whatever reason the lessons are cancelled at either venue. We may decide to close the venue early. Parents/children will have to leave the venue and the scout hall car park (as it will be locked).


4.1.1  Parents for Under 11s must also sign in when they arrive and sign out at the end of their sessions.

4.1.2  If you (the parent) are moving from one site to another – you must sign out and delegate a responsible adult who will sign the sign-out sheet as well to confirm that they will supervise your under 11.

4.2  Parents with children in KS3 &KS4 may allow their children to sign in on their own behalf and move from site to site unaccompanied only if they have signed the Release from Liability form and filled in a Delegation of Parental Responsibility form delegating a responsible adult to look after your child if you are not personally onsite.

4.3  RELEASE FROM LIABILITY: Parents will be asked upon joining HEET for classes to sign a release from liability to ensure that HEET CIC cannot be held responsible for incidents, accidents and injury occurring during their time at HEET arising from activities or playtime in and around the site.


5.1  In consultation with the tutors, the recommended age is 14 years for all exam classes, as a degree of academic and emotional maturity is required for the intensity of these one year classes.

5.2  However, recognising that the home educating community is diverse – if parents and children feel very strongly about wishing to begin their exam journey earlier – they may approach the exam coordinators to help them arrange a discussion between themselves and the tutors as to their child’s suitability to join the exam classes. It must be noted that it is at the discretion of the tutor as to whether it is appropriate for the underage child to join the exam classes.

5.3  HEET may request a test/assessment to be completed prior to joining a particular class. In which case, this will have to be completed to a satisfactory standard to be eligible for the class as assessed by the tutor.

5.4  If it is agreed that the child may be ready despite their age to join the class then they will be allowed to join the class as per the other GCSE students. During the term, parents and tutors will review the student’s progress and make a decision as to whether it is in the best interest of the student to continue. If it is agreed that the student cannot continue with the course, the student will have to stop attending the classes, No refund will be given for the fees paid and further subscriptions will be cancelled.


5.5  All examinations need to be booked by the parents. Details of possible centres are on the website.

5.6  Classes must be supplemented with thorough independent study of the course materials in order to be ready for examinations.

5.7  It must be noted that attendance of these classes does not remove/replace your parental duty to provide a suitable education for your child, we are not a school.


6.1  We have aimed to keep costs low and classes accessible to all families however in order to cover the cost of hall hire, tutors, refreshments and resources – we do need to charge and cannot offer refunds for classes once paid. Payments made only cover essential expenditure (hall fees, insurance etc, some tutor fees) to keep the groups running. This is not a profit-making business, educational institution or childcare facility; it is a Community Interest Company and not for profit.

6.2  We cannot refund classes that do not run due to extenuating circumstances, such as adverse weather, terrorist lockdowns etc.

6.3  You or your designated student may not attend classes that you have not pre-booked and paid for in advance.

6.4  Students enrolled in classes must be those who attend. Parents/Guardians are not permitted to offer or sell their child’s place to another student. Please contact coordinators@heet.org.uk to discuss options for transferring classes and students.

7  FEES:

7.1 Please add the following to your shopping cart on a yearly basis per family, failure to do so may result in your booking being cancelled.

Administration fee £20.00 per year per family



8.1 Upon booking an automatic payment by subscription will be set up with the first payment going out at the time of booking, thereafter it will be paid out as per the instalment plan advised at check out.

8.1.1 To formally cancel your subscription you must contact us via email with details. This can be done through our web site by contacting enquiries@heet.org.uk
If you do not formally cancel your class in writing, you will continue to be charged because your child’s place in the classes have not been released for resale.

8.2 We are unable to offer refunds for classes paid for but yet to be attended in the term that you cancel.

8.2.1  If a student has been removed by the Directors for a breach of these Terms and Conditions, HEET does NOT offer refunds for classes paid for but yet to be attended in the same term.

8.2.2  If a parent / student who has been removed from HEET activities by the Directors, due to a breach of these Terms and Conditions, wishes to book more classes at a later date, they must contact the Directors before attempting to book. Bookings made without prior consent will result in cancellation and no refund will be given.

8.3  If we have to cancel a class we will offer refunds for any payments made for the next term period and cancel your subscription. In the event a tutor is unable to teach more than 2 classes and HEET cannot find substitute tutor cover and the tutor cannot provide work for the students, HEET will endeavour to provide refunds, however no guarantees or assurances are given in this regard.

8.4  All refunds will only be issued if you contact us in writing via email.

8.5  If you join a class or course part way through, payment will be made pro-rata for the period from the actual start date up to the next payment as advised upon checkout.

8.6  If you are experiencing temporary financial difficulties please contact directors@heet.org.uk to discuss the options that may be available to you. We will endeavour to accommodate extenuating family circumstances but this is on an exceptional basis and reviewed on a case by case basis agreed by 3 members of the HEET Directors (one of whom will be the Finance Director).


9.1 We reserve the right to terminate a class if numbers fall beyond break-even point. While we will

make all reasonable efforts to continue all exam based classes even if numbers fall to ensure continuity of teaching for students, we reserve the right to close all classes if they become financially unsustainable.


10.1 While the majority of our classes are run by volunteer parents who are not trained teachers and professionals, we at HEET will make reasonable efforts to accommodate and support those with SEN. We will endeavour to support and partner with tutors and parents to help the student progress as far as is reasonably possible within our means by making any reasonable adjustments. Where appropriate, parents/assistants/support carers are welcome to participate in the classes alongside their child/student to assist them if required.



11.1 We aim to be an organisation that values, recognises and responds to the diverse needs of members and those we serve. We adhere to the Equality Act 2010 and will not discriminate against any person or other organisation with particular reference to the protected characteristics.


12.1  It is required that no photos are taken and put on a public website or social media without the consent of the child or parents.

12.2  No photos will be taken and circulated without the consent of parents. Please make sure that any location tagging is removed/turned off.

12.3  Photo consent forms will be available onsite from the welfare officers.


13.1  Parents are expected to actively support and be involved with their child/children during the activities, unless the tutor specifies that parental involvement is not required.

13.2  Parents and children are asked to be respectful towards the person delivering the activity and model good listening skills. Respect must be shown to everyone and anyone within HEET, as well as to any outside agencies.

13.3  Children are expected to bring relevant material, notebooks, pencils etc required by the tutor, to be punctual to classes and to inform the tutors if they are going to be late or unable to attend. They should endeavour to participate and complete homework as required by the tutors.

13.4  It is requested that parents help set up/put away the tables and chairs, sweep floors and leave the buildings tidy.


14.1 You MUST:

14.1.1  Read and follow all signs at the venue

14.1.2  Accept and read the Health and Safety Policy – available on the web site

14.1.3  Accept and read the Safeguarding Policy – available on the web site

14.1.4  Accept and read the Anti Bullying Policy – available on the web site

14.1.5  Accept and read the IT and Data Protection Policy – available on the web site




15.1  While we cannot make the Scout Centre or Youth Centre allergen free, we will endeavour to be considerate towards families whose children are severely allergic.

15.2  It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure their child is safe, has required medication and that they make tutors and volunteers aware of allergies. HEET cannot accept any liability in the event of an allergic incident.

15.3  It is requested that in consideration to other families that are known to the community that nuts are not brought into the premises.


16.1  Children under 10 are NOT allowed into the kitchens without adult supervision

16.2  It is the responsibility of each individual and family to wash up and tidy up after themselves.

16.3  It is considerate and expected from the community to help the tutors clear up tables and chairs and sweep the floors at the end of sessions and at the end of the day. It is the group’s responsibility to tidy and restore the rooms and kitchen as we found them.

16.4  Please dispose of all litter, leaving areas clean and tidy.


17.1  Pets may be brought to the group but are required to be on a leash and under the owner’s control when outside the building. They may not be brought into the building.

17.2  Please be considerate to the needs of other families who may have issues with animals due to allergies, phobias or other reasons.

18  Online Classes

18.1 Please make sure you have read and follow our online safety guidelines for classes which run online.


19.1 The company reserves the right to change these conditions from time to time as it sees fit and your continued use of the services will signify your acceptance of any amendments to these terms. If there are any changes to our policies, we will announce that via email and on the Notice Board on the website and on any other key pages we update. If there are any changes in how we use our site, documentation or classes whereby it affects the users detrimentally we will endeavour to notify by email all those affected by the change.